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About Us

Pool side at the TowersWe rent luxurious Florida beachfront Vacation Condos at the South Seas Northwest resort towers on Marco Island.  When you rent from us, you are dealing directly with the owners and not a 3rd party rental agency.

Marco Island is a year-round sub-tropical paradise located on the S.W. Gulf Coast of Florida, just south of Naples and on the fringes of the Everglades. The South Seas resort is a secure, gated community set in beautifully maintained tropical grounds, providing residents with a heated pool, tennis courts and exercise room.

If your primary aim is rest and relaxation, combined perhaps with water-sports and exploring the area and its shops and restaurants, then Marco Island is the place for you!

We have a range of rental apartments at this prestigious resort, available on a weekly basis at direct from owner prices!

**The tragic event in Surfside, Florida in 2021 has shaken everyone and has raised many questions about the safety of high rise towers in all parts of Florida. With respect to Towers 3 and 4 in South Seas Northwest on Marco Island we the owners over the last 10 years have witnessed (and paid for) many repairs and renovations to our buildings making us comfortable that the buildings are well maintained and safe for tenancy.

On July 28, 2021 The board of directors of SSNW has released a letter to owners regarding the building structure: "The tragic building collapse that occurred in Surfside, Florida last month has prompted many questions from owners and heightened awareness nationwide for the need to inspect and proactively repair building structures as deficiencies are identified. The current and previous SSNW Boards have had a strong commitment dealing with the structural safety and protection of the buildings and as issues arose and arise are committed to transparency. Most recently, the damage caused by Hurricane Irma has been corrected with all structural work and all repairs requiring building permits supervised by the Delta Engineering team and Jarvis Property Restoration, Inc. As a result of the over 3 ½ year presence of Delta Engineering and Jarvis Property Restoration, Inc., we have addressed recommendations of the engineering firm. Currently we have engaged Delta Engineering to inspect the garage concrete for spalling and will be making repairs based upon their findings. The unimaginable tragedy in Surfside will most likely be a game-changer for the State and although currently the requirement to have a 40-year inspection and re-certification of structures is not mandatory for Collier County, the SSNW Board and Management will be meeting with engineering firms to fully understand the process and will create a plan for its implementation. In the meantime, your board will continue to be committed to a proactive approach to maintaining the property and will rely on industry experts and professionals for guidance when making required repairs." **